Alarm Response and Key Holding...

When your alarm goes off at your place of work there are two likely scenarios taking place. Either your alarm is faulty or over sensitive or someone has set off your alarm through deliberate trespass. In the first scenario you are inconvenienced, you have to take time to visit your property, you may even have to get out of bed in the middle of the night, uncertain what you face when you get there only to find that you have wasted your time.

In the second scenario you are putting yourself directly at risk. Intruders may be armed and dangerous and there is no telling how events may unfold.

With our Active Response service Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd 's highly trained security experts will handle the situation so that you don't have to. In the event of an alarm our team will be onsite within .Once at your property our team remain in contact with a central control centre that will send emergency back-up if intruders are still on the premises or if the situation appears to be dangerous. Our professional team can handle any situation. We know that some of our clients prefer to be personally involved with their security strategy so we also provide a service where our experts can arrange to meet you or your representative onsite and accompany you onto the premises any time day or night.

What happens next?

When we arrive on site we'll quickly establish what type of situation we are dealing with. If it's a false alarm we'll reset the alarm, or call an engineer if necessary. Before we go we'll secure the property and we'll provide you with a full report detailing the call out and the resulting actions.

When we agree a contract with you we will build an action plan tailoring the service level you require. Depending on the service level you choose we can simply secure the property for you until you can make your own arrangements, we can provide an increased security presence overnight or after contacting you we can contact glaziers, locksmiths, carpenters etc directly putting you right back in business.

We will provide a full written report for every call out we attend.


Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd was founded by former military professionals and we bring that level of discipline and professionalism to our service.

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Each of our security experts is robustly assessed at three key stages in their career as well as being monitored regularly as they perform their duties.

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To see how we can enhance your security and provide the peace of mind that you need why not call us today on +44-125-680-8580.

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