Empty properties...

An occupied property may be a target for thieves but an empty or void property is at even greater risk from vandals, squatters or arsonists. And the structural damage they could cause in an empty property could cost you far more than replacing some stock.

Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd specialise in keeping your property secure using perforated steel panels, polycarbonate window panels, steel doors and portable monitored alarm systems. Our mobile security patrols can also be employed for extra security.

We provide a same day service for securing a property so we can be there before you leave and all our work is guaranteed not to damage window or doorframes during the fitting process. If you don't want something getting in then we'll keep it out.


Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd was founded by former military professionals and we bring that level of discipline and professionalism to our service.

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Each of our security experts is robustly assessed at three key stages in their career as well as being monitored regularly as they perform their duties.

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To see how we can enhance your security and provide the peace of mind that you need why not call us today on +44-125-680-8580.

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