Mobile Patrols...

Sometimes you need to provide a security presence for a site but permanent, static guards are neither practical or affordable. Or maybe you're operating in a high risk area and require extra support for your onsite team.

With Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd mobile patrols you know that your property will be visited at regular but randomised intervals by our uniformed guards in clearly marked security patrol vehicles; providing a significant deterrent to thieves, vandals or arsonists. Each mobile patrol is tailored to your exact specifications leaving you in full control of the service including exactly which key checkpoints are to be patrolled and how many times each night or day.

Alternatively mobile patrols can be installed permanently on large sites where static guards would not be able to provide the necessary coverage. For an extra dimension in security our mobile patrols can also be equipped with highly trained guard dogs. It's important that our visits are random so that anybody watching your property is unable to build a profile of your security provisions.

We'll track each visit and provide you with a full report on each inspection giving you peace of mind that our service is directly in line with your needs.


Gridlock Security Ltd Ltd was founded by former military professionals and we bring that level of discipline and professionalism to our service.

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Each of our security experts is robustly assessed at three key stages in their career as well as being monitored regularly as they perform their duties.

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To see how we can enhance your security and provide the peace of mind that you need why not call us today on +44-125-680-8580.

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